Wanting To Look Successful, I purchased An Expensive Executive Office Chair


images (1)Business was not going as well as I had hoped and thinking that, perhaps, my clients were not returning to my office because of the shabby office furniture that was in it, I made a decision. My decision was to purchase new office furniture and test my theory that my old shabby office furniture was the cause of my unfortunate lack of returning customers. My new office furniture included several office chairs manufactured for different uses. I purchase one office chair that had a high back and a brass pellet held leather seat. That office chair, I positioned near the door that led into and out of my office. I also purchased a fabulously expensive buttery soft leather chair that seemed to have extra stuffing and sat on a swivel pedestal to use as my official executive chairs. My official executive chairs immediately gave the room a presence of richness and even opulence, if I dare say so. Thinking that I could use another set of office chairs to position in front of my desk, I wanted them to be conspicuously dwarfed by my executive chairs.